Update - Version 1.3

Hello there! 

We've kept listening closely to all your feedback, and we're very proud to announce that Version 1.3 includes (nearly) everything you asked for, and more! 

First and foremost; Complete Spanish Localization!

For all of those that don't know, Entalto Studios is a Spanish company, and the fact that this game was only available in English on its original launch alienated a significant portion of our audience. We cannot guarantee more languages to come, unfortunately. 

Comunidad Hispanohablante, ¡esperamos que os guste!

Now, moving onto things less exciting;

  • We've fixed a lot of visual bugs, regarding thing like animations, poses and VFX.
  • All skill rolls have been readjusted, to be a little bit more fair.
  • The music settings now work properly.

This should cover everything. As always, we would like to thank you for your support. 

If you liked VTM - Heartless Lullaby, leave us a comment! (If you didn't, please, do leave us a comment as well!) and if you encounter a bug, please, don't hesitate to contact us!

Remember, don't get lost in the night! 


Entalto Studios


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Dec 09, 2021

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