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Forgive me, but I'm jonesin' BAD for a good werewolf, game, so I've got to ask: Any suggestions? (You know, besides "Suck silver fleabag!" and etc.) It doesn't have to be WoD but I'd prefer an RPG Western or Japanese, but English would be necessary as my computer can't properly display most oriental alphabets. Again, sorry for asking, but I'm sick as a dog, stuck at home, bored out of my mind, and I suck at using the internet. (80's Baby.)


Hey Sexy Scourge Beast! 

Sure, it's true that there aren't as many Werewolf games as Vampire games, but here are a few recommendations: 

- Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood : It's an Action RPG with stealth sections and such, although the reviews are not too good, it's not a bad title! 

- Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest : Much more like a traditional visual novel, the narrative is VERY good! 

- Werewolf: The Apocalypse - The Book of Hungry Names : This one isn't out yet, but it's coming out very soon! It's a "book-game", but going by the previous works, it's very likely to be a great game! 

Of course, you can always play Skyrim as a Werewolf, personally it's my favorite way to play it, even if it's not a werewolf game!

I hope it helped you, I'm sorry I can't give you much more!  

VINI! VIDI! VICI! I gamed! I loved! I conquered!

But sadly, those games, aside from Hungry Names, have been out a while.

I love Skyrim, hell, I've got a plug-in hard drive JUST for my Skyrim Mods! XD

But at this point, I'm just kind of burned out on playing the same games,  ya know?

LOL, maybe the Hollywood Undead are a part of the vampire conspiracy to prevent werewolf games! >;P

But thanks anyways, and happy holidays to you! (Or maybe happy holinights to you fur friendly blood drinkers out there!) ^o^y

Also, ever get the ref: The Hunger Games>The Hungry Games>The Book of Names>The Book of Hungry Names Game! >8D

Sorry, in the ICU and "medicated" AF right now! And the best part? It's all 100% legal. THIS is why you pay for the GOOD insurance! ^~^y


Hey so I tried to get the backdoor ending, but I am unable to get to the security room. It's a bug as it apparantly is undetected by the mouse and so I am unable to enter it.

Also, the fact that this game is finished , would you mind posting a walkthrough? This way future players can perhaps find future easter eggs that may appear in the upcoming game you guys are making.

Hello there, ExaltedNation!

Without some more context, it is difficult to tell you for sure what is happening in the case you describe, but we are sorry to hear that you have found yourself in such a situation! 

As for what you said about the Walkthrough, it's a great idea! We'll use the next few days to prepare one, which we'll post both here and on Steam.

Thank you very much for your comment, best regards,

Entalto Studios


As for the context: At the last stage of the game, you got the pass from one of the doors (behind the security gaurd) and considering you have access behind the bar, you want to use the machine to upgrade it. 

The issue lies with the fact that when you go downwards, towards the room (with what I assume) with the machine, the place looks dark and untravable, you mouse can go there but any click towards the room makes you stop at the doorway and you basically are stuck. You can still walk around the level and complete the game just fine. But not go into the mentioned room, which means you get stuck with the default ending.

It's incredibly demanding for how simple the graphics are, my CPU was at 99 degrees :D

Other than that, it looks like a fantastic game. This genre fits the VTM universe perfectly. Keep up the good work!


loved playing a lot even though I don't know much about the universe! very intresting!


we need more CRPGs in the WoD setting, MORE!


This is a cool little game that I hope to see more of in the future, I just wish it provided the option to run or "walk fast" through the map, since I tend to backtrack a lot through the map.

Thank you for your kind words! 
We have taken notice of your comments, and there will be different movement speeds in the future! 


Another Disco Elysium fan here, looking forward to see a fully developed game! By the looks of this, VTM future is looking bright.

Thank you so much for your kinds words!

Stay tuned, there may be news in the near future!


I played and finished Disco Elysium, and I love that game. This is so similar to that and I love this game too. I'm just wondering if you guys make this a full game(I hope you do, its so fun) will you add voices to the characters including the inner voice dialogue for the characters you play? I sure hope the inner dialogue has a deep voice similar to Disco Elysium. 

Good luck on the future, and your success! :)

Hey there! 

Thank you so much for your kind words! Disco Elysium is definitely a favourite of ours, and Heartless Lullaby is deeply inspired by it, we're so glad you liked the game, the tone and the overall narrative! 

In regards of "the full game", we may have some news in the near future, keep an eye out! 

We would love to add voice acting to the game, for sure!


Entalto Studios

Hey hey! 

You're welcome! Oh sweet, I look forward to the upcoming news. :) 

Excellent! I also look forward to the voice acting. 

Thanks for replying back. 

Have a good day! 


Hello, i would like to say i really love your game and waiting for the second chapter and whats gonna happen after Zak and diane leave the disco 


That was really good, big fan of the aesthetic choices


OMG, this is everything right now as someone craving Bloodlines 2. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS!


This was absolutely incredible. I played with some friends over discord doing the voices and reading, was completely sucked in! I have long asked why there hasn't been a game like this for VTM, I am so glad to have discovered this!!

The game has such depth in terms of the branches and ways you can investigate. This is not even to bring into account the incredible writing! We were completely giddy as we delved deeper into this narrative.

This not only deserves top marks, but also I NEED to see this as a full game. I pray to the dark father himself that we get to see this as a full fledged game!

We did encounter the bug where the game went black after exiting the VIP area, but I think it is an absolute testament to the experience the team crafted that we didn't mind. We are hungry for more and can't wait to see an update to fix the issue so that we can experience the rest of what you have made! Incredible!!!


Great job, guys! I think I got to the end (Diane + Zak leaving the VIP area)? It felt a  bit abrupt as an ending, but even so I had a blast with the rest! Great ambience and great characters. Reminded me a lot of 'The End of the Line' which is one of my favourite Vampire Larps ever. 


Hey there!

We're so glad you liked our game, and it's an honour that you even compared it with 'The End of the Line'!

Regarding the ending; Diane and Zak leaving the VIP leads to another playable scene where they both have to leave the Disco, and an Epilogue after that. There are different endings as well that change this whole "Chapter"! 

If your game crashed, or the Credits rolled after leaving the VIP that is definitely a bug for us to fix ASAP!


Entalto Studios


Hey guys!

Thank you for the speedy reply! FYI I definitely got a case of the 'bad crash'. I hope it helps!

Hey again! 

Thanks to your help we were able to pin-point the origin of the bug, and in the new (already available) Version 1.2 it is fixed! 

Thank you very much for your help! 


Entalto Studios


Really enjoyed this, great atmosphere and narration, enjoyed the minimalist aesthetic paired with the colourful lighting! Great job!


I really enjoyed the split perspective (Kindred/Kine) and how it changed the text descriptions of the same items in the environment. I most like how that perspective shift changed how I experienced the WoD. e.g. not being able to put my finger on the Presence Discipline as a Kine, or being confused as to why everyone was drinking chilled red "wine." The VIP climax was enjoyable, when you find Johnny and the identities of the antagonists. My main wish would be for a toggleable sprint movement option, since I feel like more than half of my time was spent walking between objectives. Overall, an impressive amount of point-and-click RPG to push out in the timeline of the jam. Cheers!

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WOW great jobs


Such a cool concept, hope it gets picked up, I would love to continue the story!



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Woooow 😱🔥

Disco Elysium + Vampires!!! Please continue developing